I have recently had a series of Thai massages with Marion Bienert in Ranelagh. I have had many massages in my time but, this definitely is the best I have had yet.

In the 2 hour session Marion works on the body with precision and care. Her experience and knowledge of the body shines through in this healing and powerful massage. I often feel that a lot of emotion can be held in different parts of the body, Marion helps to clear this with her deep work on both a physical & spiritual level. Her Thai massage is extremely thorough, every meridian is worked on. Marion moves the body into positions that open up areas so they can breathe again. I always leaves me feeling much quieter and at ease with myself.

The reason I went to Marion for a series of massages was due to a knee infection which I picked up in India & left the bones and muscles in the area suffering leading to pain up my right side. Marion's massages have made a huge difference getting the circulation moving in that area but also all around my body loosening up blockages that i did not know were connected. I guess I have learned it is all connected. Marion has unlocked this for me.

Many Thanks to you Marion,

I look forward to my next visit soon,

Claire, Feb 2014, Yoga Teacher

I recently noticed I was feeling a little bit stiff. I was loosing some flexibility so I decided to take up Yoga. That was a bit of a shock to my body. Then I found Marion and after just a few sessions of Thai Massages I felt so much more flexible and much more able for the yoga. Marion’s passion and dedication can be felt as she really works with your body through each position. It is a bit like going to yoga and having someone do it for you. A really wonderful gift to yourself and of course I feel sooo! good afterwards. I highly recommend Marion.

Loraine, March 2014, Carer

The Therapies received  from Marion Bienert are of an excellent standard. Marion brings a holistic approach to her treatments. She embraces an holistic lifestyle and brings her unique qualities to each treatment.

I am a big fan of both her 'Indian Head Massage' and the 'Traditional Thai Massage'. The Indian Head Massage is perfect for regular every day stress relief, freeing the upper body and slowing the busy thoughts. The Thai Massage is great for opening up the whole body. A thorough massage... lazy man's Yoga. Perfect!! I haven't met anyone as thorough and well trained in Thai Massage in Dublin in years. Highly recommended!

Elaine, March 2014


When I think of Marion's Indian head massages, I can only but smile in contentment, remembering the well-being I feel after such massages; Marion is a born therapist, using a certain amount of strength to help release tensions in the head and shoulders, and at the same time working lightly and deeply at a very subtle level to help the energy flow as it should. Any type of massage and treatment which Marion gives is a real treat as Marion puts all her energy and knowledge into each treatment, creating a safe and caring environment for her client. My favourite treatment is the Indian head massage because I tend to accumulate a lot of pressure and stress in the head, neck and shoulders, areas that the Indian head massage treats specifically. It's also a massage which you can easily have in an office setting as it doesn't require any particular space; a chair is enough, and off you go...

Nathalie, March 2014, Writer


Great feeling after the Thai Massage with Marion.  The first time I had one I didn't know what to expect so I was very surprised to find myself stiff! I always thought I'm flexible but this massage shows you the truth about your body. It seems like you need to almost break your bones to make certain moves but that's only an impression.

Marion's hands are strong and gentle at the same time so there is no pain at all but rather relief. Some of the positions are funny so you have a good laugh during the session. I already had four sessions with Marion and I would recommend her to everyone who wants to do the Thai Massage, it is worth it!


I have also had Reiki sessions with Marion. The treatment is very relaxing, you notice that your mind is chatting at the beginning but quickly calming down, then you are just observing the coming thoughts and letting them go.

I have had several Reiki sessions with Marion and every one shifted my energy, first I felt very tired but the next day I could move the mountains! The world around also seems different and life isn't challenging any more. Strong feeling of positiveness and possibilities of all kinds.  

Anetta, May 2014,

Nathalie, March 2014, Writer


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